Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Who: Amy Stein
What: Guest Lecture
Where: VCU Commons Theater

Amy Stein is a photographer and teacher based in New York City. Her work explores our evolving isolation from community, culture and the environment. 

Her most popular series is entitled "Domesticated" in which she uses taxidermied animals and places them in everyday communities. Each picture was based off a story from the local community. Therefore, her images are narratives of a small community and its interaction with the local wildlife. Personally, I thought that this series of images was her best work so far. The stories behind each image are interesting and relatable to anyone who has lived in a small community. The compositions are well thought out as well. 

The series she is currently working on is entitled "Stranded." Stein travels around the country taking pictures of people whose cars have broken down on the side of the road. I thought she did a good job of addressing the questions people had about approaching a stranger and asking to take there photograph. I do not think this series is as successful and the previously stated series, but the idea behind it was fascinating. I think there was a gap between the images and the idea. 

Overall, Stein was a good speaker and seemed to have well thought out ideas and concepts to her images. She attempted to send a message with each of her photographs. Even-though she was not always successful, in my opinion, her images are interesting and the ideas are strong.  I enjoyed hearing the stories behind the photographs. 

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