Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.11.10 : Artist Entry : Amber Chavez

Amber Marie Chavez is a photographer living in Los Angeles. She has a BFA in Fine Art Photography and does collaborative work with her twin sister, Ashlie. She advocate the use of film and uses a Pentax Super, Canon Elan, Pentax 645, Polaroid 203, and Polaroid 450.

Dziłíjiin "Black Mountain" Series

"My intention is conceptual significance, rather than external beauty. I am also a firm believer in God." - Amber Chavez

"This is 'out of the box' stuff -- great compositions that set the gallery apart from the all-too-often treadmill approach to photography. A breath of fresh air. And one thing's for sure: Marie would never get bored if she found herself trapped in an elevator." - Antwer Palan

Dziłíjiin "Black Mountain" Series

This series was made in Black Mesa, Arizona and us called Dziłíjiin or "Black Mountain" by the Navajos. The name derives from the mountains dark appearance from the numerous seams of coal which run through it. These images are from a series in which Amber Chavez stayed with a family of sheep herders in this area and essentially documented their lives in her unique style.

I enjoy this series, because I am interested in documentary style work but like the one-of-a-kind style and spin Chavez puts on her images. The images I selected from her series are all triple exposers I believe. The layering and repeating of animals is an interesting concept which I have tried before with little success. This is a new approach to that concept which I had not considered.

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