Sunday, January 23, 2011

12.24.10 : Artist Entry : Rosie Hardy

Rosie Hardy is photographer based in the UK. She is known for her portraits that dig into surreal concepts, and recently, for being the photographer behind Maroon 5′s upcoming full-length’s album cover. She is also a very successful teacher and has her own workshops she takes to different cities around the UK.

Rosie Hardy's surreal, female-focused photography is described as being able to let your mind wander into a world of curiosity and wonder. The varied images of women in both seemingly normal and quite bizarre situations are amazing. Her photographs have been described as marvelously eery, and photo enhanced.

"Equipment isn’t everything, and all great photographers started out crap like the rest of us! I only recently upgraded to the camera I have now, and while the quality of my pictures are technically now better, the concepts remain the same. And without those concepts, my work would be nothing." - Rosie Hardy

"I find inspiration all over – obviously there are some cracking photographers out there who really inspire me to get my act together and create something better than I’ve done before, but a lot of the themes and ideas I use come from every day life... When I see something that catches my eye, I try and draw the stereotypes from that object/location/person, and work out a concept which opposes that stereotype." - Rosie Hardy

The image of the reflection of the women through glass is what first interested me in Rosie's work. As a continuation of my previous project, I have been looking into taking picture of people through glass, and cages instead of animals to emphasize the interspecies connect between humans and animals. I found that some of her other work incorporated the idea of human and animal connection or human to nature connections.

Rosie Hardy
Rosie Hardy (Client Website)

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