Sunday, January 25, 2009

stiff lace

Who: Kevin Faison, Jenissa Hamilton, Christina Jeffers
What: Photography Show
Where: Rumors
When January 24, 2009

The top level was by far the most interesting part of the show. The photographer obviously thought a lot about the environment she wanted the photographs to be in.  The uses of boxes to surround the images was a good addition in my opinion and added to the rawness and humor of the photographs. 

The lower level was cluttered with photographs, artwork, cloths, tables, and shoes.  The photographs were of various sizes and styles. There was no cohesiveness and it was hard to tell which photographers created which images.  Many of the images where not well lit, which forced the viewer to look more closely at the photographs.  On two of the walls there were two mirrors surrounded by various images in different frames.  Personally, I disliked the mirrors in the center of the images. As i looked closely at the poorly lit photographs and proceeded to the next image, I found myself looking at my reflection in the mirror. It was surprising and distracting from the images. However, I found the different types of frames used around the mirrors very interesting. With the variety of image content and style, the different frames suited the work.  In addition, the images in the window frames where very interesting.  The backlight in the images worked well with the image content and the frames made the surreal image look more realistic. 

Overall, I thought there could be better lighting of the image and they could have been presented in a more organized manner. I realize it is difficult to present images in an area that already contains artwork, cloths, shoes, etc. but a viewer should be able to tell which photographer created which images and be able to see the images clearly. 

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  1. Very nice. Did you read the various artist statements of the artist? And if so How did this inform your perception to the art work and presentation?