Sunday, February 1, 2009


Who: Alix Pearlstein
What: Guest Lecture
Where: Commons Theatre
When: January 28, 2008

On Wednesday, I attended the lecture with guest artist Alix Pearlstein. She explained her inspiration as a artist, her concepts and showed us several of her videos. The one that I found most appealing was called Distance (still image shown above). Though I did not like the actions displayed by the actors and actresses, I enjoyed the video camera angels. I found it intriguing that you could observe two angles of the same action and see the camera man or women taking each shot. I found myself spending more time locating and following the camera man or women that paying attention to the actors and actresses. The video seemed really long to have no plot or general objective. The acting made me confused. I soon gave up on following the actors and actresses and focused on the video camera in each screen. In general, I was not a fan of her work. The videos seemed to go too long for her simple plots. Many of the ideas presented in the videos were confusing and hard to follow.  However, I liked the video that did not have hand-held camera work and the background/environment fit her style. 

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