Friday, September 17, 2010

09.20.10 : Artist Entry : Jon Naiman

Jon Naiman was born in Philadelphia. He lived in Brooklyn, NY from 1992-2004 and currently reside in Switzerland. He attended University of Colorado, Boulder, Studied Filmmaking and Liberal Arts for a year, followed by a year at Temple University, Studied Photography and Liberal Arts and finally Rhode Island School of Design, BFA Photography for three years.

Natural Section

"What distinguishes Naiman's [Natural Selection] photographs, though, is that his subjects totally ignore the stuffed animals. The animals are props that are not being treated as props by the subjects, but are being treated as props by the photographer. That discontinuity is appealing." - Greg Fallis

Family Territory

"In the series Familiar Territory, farm animals and the people who keep them are photographed inside the family home. The unspoken boundary between the human and the animal is explored and brought into question. Taboos associated with cleanliness, propriety, order, safety come forward. The mundane mixes with the absurd. The objects, furniture, decorations, and architecture of these living rooms frame a moment in flux when two separate worlds come together." - Jon Naiman

"In this [Familiar Territory] series the human subjects are treating the living animals in the same way they treat each other, with the sort of casual intimacy and affectionate disregard we reserve for close friends and family. That matter-of-fact quality to the photographs enhances the incongruity of the image." - Greg Fallis

I was interested in Naiman's work because he takes humans and animals and puts them face to face. The intriguing thing about his work is that the animals and humans seem to have no relation to one another. They are obviously in the same space have little to no interaction. It an interaction between man and beast that I had to considered.


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