Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11.09.10 : Guest Lecture Response : Simon Tarr

Bio : Simon Tarr’s films have been screened on every continent (yes, even Antarctica) in hundreds of film festivals. His prior eleven films are available on DVD from Netflix and Amazon, and as digital downloads from QuarkNova.com. He has performed his live VJ shows at conferences, festivals and clubs from Tokyo to New Orleans and everywhere in between. Tarr teaches new media art at the University of South Carolina. He recieved the 2010 University Film and Video Association Teaching Award for achievements in pedagogy that contribute to the field of film and video education.
Favorite Quotes :
"You have been taught by the students I once taught. That makes you my academic grandchildren."
**"I discovered early on that I am a 'hunter gatherer' filmmaker."**
"I do not wait for inspiration... do it whether you feel like it or not. Even though most of the time its no."
"I have a pair of flip up 3D glasses. They look pretty good too."

**This statement was interesting to me because in the photography department, there is an emphasis on concept before shooting or shooting with a purpose even if we don't have a full understanding of your concept. He just shoots footage and them fit it into project later. However, most of his work did not seem to have a concept.
3 Words : Manipulated 'Hunter-Gatherer' Videos
I learned about the different methods of filming and editing. I was not a fan of many of his videos because much of the sound seemed like white noise to me. In addition, I did not like the strobbing of some of his videos and the 3D effect without the 3D glasses. The videos also had a very hand-held look which I did not enjoy.
How did you develop your style of film-making and the use of people versus animation?
Tarr stated that when he became bored or unsatisfied with one style of filming and editing, he explored other methods which led him to his performance videos.

Have you every had a bad experience collaborating with other artist?
He did not talk about any of the videos that he collaborated with other artist during his lecture.
I the only segment of the films that I really enjoyed was the 3rd part of the video Giri Chit. A cast of thousands toiling hundreds of feet above the street who are urban farming. I liked the use of black and white while the pants were in color and the slowed motion of the workers. The overall image of the city and the urban farm on the roof top was my favorite view. In addition, I liked the narrative it told of limited space for nature in the Japanese city.

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