Sunday, February 6, 2011

02.07.11 : Artist Entry : Steve Poxson

Steve Poxson is fascinated by the way the photograph can confuse the viewer, turning their beliefs and ideas on their head, which has inspired his series ‘Abnormal Beauty’. In this series he displays conventionally beautiful items, such as flowers and butterflies, juxtaposed with objects which do not conform to our typical ideas of beauty including animal skulls and offal, to create a striking image.

In the age of digital photography Poxson is reinventing this form by emulating the early processes of the photogram. To create his alluringly decorative images, the photographer places the objects that interest him on a flat bed scanner, through which he is able to elevate these objects into something extraordinary, whilst questioning what a photograph really is and how we understand the medium of photography.

The objects are scanned at a high resolution preserving a density of detail that is beyond the limits of the human eye. This places them almost into a hyper reality where the viewer feels like they can almost reach out and touch them.

" My latest work is a continuation of a earlier project using a flatbed scanner to capture various objects with a hyper real level of detail, turning these images into intense patterns." - Steve Poxson

His work appealed to me because I have been thinking about capturing animals myself and photographing them. I have been trying to come up with different methods of photographing them and this artist caught my eye. These scans and unique and are aesthetically pleasing. I am thinking about capturing animals in jars and photographing them possibly in their natural environment, or in the studio with a white or black backdrop.

Steve Poxson

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