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02.14.10 : Artist Entry : Elaine Duigenan

Elaine Duigenan is a Fine Art Photographer based in London. She received her BA (Hons) Art / Art History, at Goldsmiths College, and University of London. She has collections at Victoria & Albert Museum (London), and The Museum of Fine Art (Houston).

These images are from a series called Mysteries of Generation. The images were taken over the course of three years at the Royal College of Surgeons, London. They are of 200 year old animal specimens which were preserved by pioneer anatomist John Hunter (1728 - 1793). All together the Hunterian Museum at The Royal College has 3,600 specimens.

“For me, photography has become an ‘act of preservation’ and objects I focus on become the locators or igniters of memory. The traces and remnants we find in any landscape can spark recognition. They can even invoke a presence.” - Elaine Duigenan

"She is fascinated by what she has begun to term 'intimate archaeology'. This arises out of a passion for both 'sense of place' and collecting/unearthing treasure. We all keep or preserve things as mementoes and Elaine is able to discover symbolism in the most mundane of objects. Her work invariably has an air of mystery and ambiguity which is often heightened when subjects are placed in a particular light or landscape. " - Watermark Fine Art Photographs & Books, September 2007

Since I have been having problems finding new places to shoot, I am thinking about bringing my project in a different direction. I have been thinking about capturing and enclosing animals myself in jars. These images are really striking not only because of there content but also the manner in which they were shot. The lighting on the jars themselves are dramatic and the subjects are really intriguing.

Elaine Duigenan

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