Monday, February 28, 2011

02.28.11 : Artist Entry : Charity de Meer

Charity de Meer is a dedicated fashionista shooting weddings, editorial assignments, and other fun things. Charity was raised with her nose buried in fashion magazines. This exposure to great images and ideas at such a young age has instilled in her a keen fashion sense but with an individuality all her own. Charity likes to document what’s happening. Her travels have taken her to the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Vermont, Connecticut, New York City, New Orleans, Napa Valley & most recently, Brazil.

The concept is simple, your pet and your favorite pair of shoes shot from the waist down. The idea is to portray your pet as part of what makes you fashionable. The result? One ultra-stylish photograph with you and your best friend. The images can be purchased at Jonathan Adler New York City and Miami retail locations.

“This project started when I was walking around New York City, alas, without a camera. I saw a girl in parachute pants and red spike heels walking her toy dog. I lamented about what a great shot that would have made. A year or so later, I was in Key West and saw a woman standing under a streetlight in a short red skirt, high black heels with a Pomeranian on a leash. It reminded me of the NYC girl, the contrast of the outfit with walking a dog, the fact that our canines have been elevated from ‘pet’ to fashion statement. Thus began my slight obsession…” - Charity de Meer

Charity combines the idea of fashion and dogs with her pet portraits. This is a project I have considered doing without the fashion twist. My shots would be drastically different with more unity between leg positioning and more emphasis on the pets themselves. I do however think she does a good job of using the dogs as accessories of fashion. I do not just focus on the dogs but also the positioning of the legs and color pallet as well.

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